“The Tea & Empathy workshop is an immensely restorative opportunity to learn how to name and unpack complex emotions using the Feelings Cards.”

— Kay Jenson, Sex & Relationships Researcher

I can't recommend Tea & Empathy strongly enough.

I had the pleasure of having Kate herself run a session for me, and it was an immensely cathartic and emotional experience. The format of the cards was a non-threatening, but extremely effective mechanism for exploring some aspects of my life; both in terms of letting others around me know what I was feeling, and in helping me explore and understand exactly what I was experiencing and why."

— Russell Keith-Magee

I'm not one to hyperbolise but Tea and Empathy has helped me to become a better person.

Kate is the embodiment of empathy and I left her workshop feeling that my emotions had been validated for the first time in my life. But before I went I had to get a pack of cards because they had provided me with a language to describe my feelings - something I hadn't even realised was missing from my life! Having such a simple, but powerful, exercise of working through the cards when I can't put words to my emotions has eased so much strain on my relationships. The curiosity that Tea and Empathy has created in me has also made me a better listener and I don't think I would be as good at my job without it."

— Joanna Williams, Director of Strategy at Bits and Bods

"It didn’t undo years of poor communication with my family, but it gave me new tools I’m still working on bringing to all my interactions nearly a year later. My friends confide in me more, I feel closer to people, and I’m a better, more understanding person for having attended this workshop. I still go into problem-solving mode sometimes, but the habit is fading. I’m able to hold space for people, and they notice. Sometimes after a single conversation, my coworkers will approach me more warmly and be more willing to help when I need it, just because I know how to listen and relate to people better."

— Kenton Johnston, Lead Designer at FunkitToys.com

“The circumstances that lead me to recovering from PTSD, left me without the necessary tools to process even straightforward emotions. Being able to go through all the feelings, then thinking/expressing each one individually has been liberating.”

— Leon Wright

“Learning to give and receive empathy has been a catalyst to working collaboratively with diverse clients and building purposeful and meaningful relationships. Kate’s work has shown me that empathy sits at the center of quality human relationships. These are life long communication skills that have changed the way I approach professional and personal relationships.”

— Rick Aguilar, Marketing and Public Health Consultant

“I highly recommend Tea & Empathy as a feature of workplace training or bonding. Although everyone may have a different set of personal challenges, it was invaluable to recognize that many of us also have overlapping anxieties or fears! This was an incredible chance for our workplace walls to come down; we were asked to relate to each other on a deeper level, rather than simply as colleagues.”

— Maya Peers Nitzberg, O.school Community Support

“We often think that empathy is a personality trait, something you have or don’t have. But Tea & Empathy is a great way to learn that, actually, empathy is a skill we can practice and build up. 

I go through them when I’m feeling a lot of mixed emotions – about work, love, etc. – and it helps me precisely identify what I am feeling so I can take next steps with more clarity.”

— Daniela Lapidous, writer & researcher